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Monday, April 1, 2013


Sometimes I get frustrated.
That pull-your-hair and shout-into-the-pillow kind of frustration when I see things that I should be doing, saying and seeing but am NOT doing, saying and seeing.
When I have made a resolution to read three books a month and barely manage to go through one.
When I determine to write more yet end up getting writer’s block with no substantial body of work behind me.
When I know I should be honing my skills and whatever little brains I have and on the contrary find myself in a state of physical and mental inertia.
When I know I should be emerging stronger from my past and find myself retrogressing into emotional trauma.
When I look into the mirror and the image that looks back at me shows a badly tucked in tummy and signs of premature ageing.
When I know I should be saving for rainy days but my purse is perpetually empty.
Why I ask myself should I be so weak, so average, so mediocre, so shunned by fortune?
But then something tells me I am lucky to even live this life, breathe in the fresh green air, feel the summer breeze on my face, take in the mellow sunlight and laugh it out with friends and family.
Something tells me that hope is there yet because I also give hope to others like my ageing parents and close circle of friends.
If only I could be a little less depressed the world would be a little happier place to live in or should I say?
Wisdom whispers in my ears not to be too harsh on myself because just as I have taken, my time to give has  arrived and I have to give unconditionally – that’s the law of life.
Faith, Hope and Love – these are the greatest elements in life, according to the Bible.
I hope because I have faith. I have faith because I am loved and have the privilege to love :)

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