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Friday, February 25, 2011


“How old are you?”
I am unmarried, not seeing anybody and single at 27.
And I must make a shocking (to some) confession – I have never been in a relationship with a man.
How does it feel like?
Hmmmm… does it feel like? I ask myself and can’t suppress a chuckle.
I have never had a romantic conversation with a man, never been gifted a rose or a packet of heart-shaped chocolates and never gone on a real date (except once with a Japanese man who asked me out for dinner but that’s another story altogether).
Do I miss all these?
Honestly, sometimes I find myself wondering how it would feel like to be seeing somebody but another part of me revels in the kind of uncomplicated, free life I lead.
I know it will always feel good to have someone there for you, especially during your low moments and times of loneliness. Sometimes you do desire companionship but then I have my own little world where I am happy being myself and doing all those things I love doing.
I get up on my own sweet time on lazy Sundays, clean up my place, do my routine or extra house-chores, read a lot of books at the same time, write, plan out my work and assignments, drop in at my next door neighbour’s, listen to Eagles, Richie Sambora and Dolly Parton, sit by the window in the afternoon sun all alone sipping a glass of green-tea and writing in my diary…….little pleasures in life. In a way I am lucky, hehehe…..
At other times, I watch the busy roads and alleys below from my apartment window, go shopping alone and buy a good book to read or a rejuvenating face-pack to pamper myself with and sometimes I sit before my lap-top and write my memoirs like this one! Then I wind up the day watching the sunset (Lucky, I have a good view from my window).
Life is good. I have friends who care for me. I have a wonderful family. I have a great boss who teases me constantly about my single status. But I love my life.
It is not that I don’t feel the need for male companionship. Sometimes, I feel my time is running out and at times pangs of loneliness do gnaw at me, especially after a bad day when I need some solace but then, I feel the other side of it balances things out.
I look forward to each new day. In fact, I feel this is one of the best phases of my life.
Maybe it just depends on which side of the fence you are.


  1. Hey Peky, how was it possible to miss all these? You must have broken a lot of hearts to remain ruthlessly so.
    But sometimes I feel like it's because we didn't cross
    Enjoy your freedom!

  2. Hey life is very much similar to yours....As you say life is good,have lots of time to read books, play guitar and travel....You have put it in very nice way...Its the best phase of life...


  3. haha Passu that's a good one and Anu, yeah enjoy it while you can!