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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Dear Brother,
And I mean “dear” because you have always been a loving figure and personality to me – someone with whom I bicker a lot but at the same time treasure and deem precious.
Of course, I get absolutely annoyed with some of your habits…like making up excuses for being overweight when you should be taking up the challenge of leading a healthier lifestyle ( I mean you are not bad looking but losing those extra pounds would add oodles of charm!) and being too dependent on family to sustain yourself instead of being enterprising and dynamic.
But then I know you are such a good human being at heart.
You don’t mind whenever I ask for a cup of tea from bed.
You share whatever little resources you have.
You are good with kids (something that never came naturally to me).
You keep in touch with kith and kin unlike me.
You don’t mind doing a bit of the dishes.
You keep me in splits with your wit and humour.
You are warm and big-hearted.
I have often been insensitive to you but the fact is when I was a baby you held my hand and taught me to write the alphabet.
We used to share packets of “Wai-Wai” over Tinkle comics.
You beat up the bully who tormented my best friend in school.
You have got artistic skills that I am proud of.
You have protected me always.
There will always be arguments but we share a special bond and I pray that we will continue to cherish one another as siblings held together by blood, emotions and the same God.
You mean a lot to me and I mean it J


  1. Strong bond between brothers!!

  2. actually it is between sis n bro!

  3. Nice one. For all the reasons you don't like him, he has enough goodness in heart and character to make you feel proud of and love him. :)