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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Well, it was not much really.
Just an accident on the zebra crossing at the Thimphu hospital resulting in a fractured pelvic bone and some cuts and bruises on my body.
Luckily I was not wearing glasses (hail contact lenses!)
Jokes apart, I had quite a serious accident with a cab in September 2010.
The cab driver didn't see me and I was too absent minded to look around.
The cab hit me and I was thrown a few feet away, unconscious.
Luckily, passersby and my dad's driver took me immediately to the emergency ward.
I was discharged after the wound on my arm was swabbed and I was given an injection plus after I underwent x-rays and an ultrasound examination.
"You are ok," said the examining doctor, " Just let the fracture heal through bed rest."
I thank the "bed rest" and good food (read eggs, butter, milk)  for gaining extra pounds which I haven't been able to shed till today.
But every event that occurs in your life is a learning experience.
And I learned from the accident, too.
For example, I learnt how lucky people who can pee in the bathroom are.
I learnt to be patient and not get fidgety while on bed for a whole month.
I learnt to walk on crutches.
I learnt to enjoy a back massage.
I learnt to wash my face with a bowl of water.
I learnt to enjoy a book as dark as "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D Salinger.
I learnt to savor Kahlil Gibran's poetry.
I learnt to cherish fresh air and green.
I learnt to long for company.
I learnt to edit stories for the newspapers I was working for.
But best of all, I learnt that so many people are there who care for me.
I learnt that in moments like this, the sight of a loved one uplifts you beyond anything else.
And I learnt that though you are just mortal, you can make life better for others by showing just an iota of compassion.
It surely was an affair (accident) to remember!

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  1.'s to hoping you have a full recovery.
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