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Friday, August 30, 2013


Dear God,

I often ask myself why my life turned out the way it did.
What I fail to ask is why it did the way it didn't
Sorry for all the moments I took you for granted (I still do)
And I apologize for blaming you
When my own heart carried me away on its whims
I am also sorry that I forget to count my blessings
And share the riches you have gifted me
Love, laughter and life
I owe you one for all the rubs I got
Otherwise as Rumi said, how would I be polished?
I know I have hardened my heart against love
And I ask you to melt away my unforgiving disposition
Cultivated from the little hurts of life
I have forgotten to look at the rainbow in awe
And be inspired
Oh, I need your forgiveness for looking away
When love was all was needed and a little compassion
To aid my fellow brothers and sisters!
And for being a snivelling hypocrite 
Full of self pity while expressing outwardly courage!
But now I determine Lord
To make a difference
For from one begins many and more
Help me not to let my disappointments and triumphs
Disillusion or delude me
And make me an instrument in this world,
Your beautiful creation
To make life even more joyful and worth living!