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Sunday, March 27, 2011


A waste land stretches before me.
I trudge along, dying for a drop of water.
The scorching sun and parched, dry land,
The hot winds and the endless sojourn
Is taking the life out of me.
My garment is in tatters, the burning sand consumes my feet,
Flies into my bleared eyes.
There is no oasis in sight.
Rain clouds have abandoned the sky.
Yet, I stumble along, unseeing, unfeeling.
Where am I? Where have I reached?
Is that a caravan I see afar?
Tinkling of bells and the shout of travelers?
Is there life in this desert?
I no longer have the strength to go on.
My steps falter, I fall.
Is there a God? Where are you?
Help me!
Memories of the past flood my tremulous mind.
I remember the green grass, the sparkling lakes,
The verdant growth along the valleys, the sweet smelling sandal trees.
I hear the brooks singing their passing song.
Where is heaven?
Is this what I was destined for?
The heat makes me faint, I can’t bear it.
Save me before I turn into vapor.