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Friday, July 2, 2010


Who am I?
To the world I am a 26-year old female, reporter for a private paper and an independent career woman.
To my family and close ones, I am a dutiful (hopefully) daughter, an easy going friend and companion.
To me?
I can't say....I am still on a journey of self discovery. But from whatever I have deduced from quiet moments of introspection, I know I am someone who is more in her world than outside.
I love being alone.
I love reading while listening to soft music.
I love to feel the breeze on my face on a solitary evening walk.
I love to wake up, clean up my place, take a refreshing shower and settle down in my room with a steaming cup of tea.
I love watching a sunset and penning down a line.
I like to believe I am a strong believer of God and the Divine.
I like to go through my diary notes and smile.
I cry easily but I laugh as easily.
I believe in ideals but I feel scared sometimes that I won't be strong enough to hold on.
I enjoy company but I don't need it.
I have few close friends.
I admire my dad.
I constantly strive to be a better human being.
Sometimes I can be harsh on myself.

Every new day I anticipate with a mixed feeling of hope and dread. But I always place myself in God's hands because I believe in divine providence. A few say I am stupid. Others say I am immature. I don't know. I am happy when I do the things I love most. I am happy when I am what I am. And I am most happy when I think I have done my best.

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