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Saturday, July 3, 2010


Maybe loving someone was never this strange.
Here I sit alone in a room, soft melody playing in the background.
I am thousands of miles away from home, yet he is with me.
A tangible presence, so near I can almost touch him.
His memories as sweet as the first rains falling on parched soil, or the fragrance of drenched mud or the aroma wafting from blossoms dripping nectar.
He is in every breath of air I take in, in every beat of my heart.
Distance means nothing.
Even his indifference means nothing.
Human beings were born to love and be loved.
If the latter cannot find fulfillment, at least the former can.
We cannot force someone to love but we have the freedom to love.
However painful it may be. However futile it may seem.
A fool’s paradise? Maybe. But even a fool has the right to live.
A right to happiness.
Divine draughts of poisoned water, as someone aptly put it.
I thirst. But there is no quenching.
Sometimes loving someone is the greatest irony.
You love, you survive on his memories, and you find meaning in life.
But you can never be with him.
You just feel him, see him, love him and love him……
Hoping that one fine day your wait will be rewarded.
There is nothing on which to hope.
Yet you just hope, wait and love
Because ultimately even if love fails to accomplish the desired end
You never lose by loving.

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