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Friday, July 2, 2010


I once sat on the top of the world. I watched what was going on below me. I could see and hear everything but I was deaf to the little voice inside me that was whispering, trying to gain my attention. It spoke softly but its very gentleness struck me with force.
I don’t know if this is wrong, or the situation is wrong. All I know is there is a rising surge of joy in me. A tenderness fills my heart, I have grown mellower. My words are calm yet firm. My steps are slow but steady. I walk the path everyone has to one day, but I can grasp the wonder of what is happening.
I am seeing beauty with new eyes, my heart sings like a lark yet tears of joy and wistfulness drop from my eyes. I hear a symphony…it is neither Bach nor Beethoven…it is a melody more lucid and yet the more touching for its simplicity.
I observe the hustle and bustle, people coming and going. I hear the words they speak as if I were a separate entity. I float above the world yet I am so much a part of it. The skies, the oceans, the vast meadows and the great mountains along with all the wonderful living creatures awaken in me feelings I had grown to suppress.
My soul feels like crystal-purified of all stains…clear, sparkling and I face the world with a new vision. I fear this phase is transitory but I also know that if you fear, you won’t know and if you don’t know you will never learn.
Learned I have, yes…Once I was alone, isolated…I feigned everything was alright, I pretended I was happy…but then I was deceiving not only others but myself. I questioned God. I questioned myself but little did I know the answer was in me…so simple I had failed to see it. Now, I know. And my heart is hopeful, freed of the tediousness and tenacity daily living brings.
The growth of a human soul is beautiful…pain is a part of it but even pain imparts a maturity, a wisdom that is timeless. A fire suffuses through my being- new courage, new zest, renewed hopes…spreads its hold over my being.
I learn to take one day at a time, live at the moment. I feel in tune with the cosmic universe, connected with the web which links everything and everyone….yet I am detached and can observe the workings of my heart, my soul’s pursuits.
I find my place in the Master-Plan.

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