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Monday, October 24, 2011

LOVE IS.......(for a woman)

Sharing when there is nothing
Crying and laughing together
A touch, a hug, a kiss
Travelling for 24 hours to spend five minutes with him
Getting up in the middle of a wintry night and seeing if the blanket is covering him, too
Making him a hot cup of tea after you return tired from work
Buying him a pair of shoes when your own need repairing
Making a birthday cake for his mother
Letting him have a guys’ night out
Listening to him rave about his favorite soccer team and not yawn
Keeping away when you know you should
Correcting gently when he makes a mistake
Encouraging him to be with other friends
Caring about his spiritual and moral life
Telling him not to be extravagant especially on you
Letting go of the past &
Letting him go if needed


  1. A wonderful post expressing everything you have to say in a beautiful way. Loved reading it la. Keep posting...

  2. Nice and a thoughtful post. Keep posting!

  3. Maybe it just came from personal experience, hehehe

  4. Personal songs are the sweetest of all...really learning what love means and how i should be as a loving husband to my wife in future..great poem! loved it..:D