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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


There comes a time in life when you have to take a tough decision. And it isn’t easy.
Everything is picture perfect. It seems like a movie shot in progress. You are on a Caribbean cruise. The warm sunlight, the gentle breeze, the cool tumbler of refreshing drink, the lapping of the waves and then fate says:”Cut!”
What happened? I have asked myself a thousand times. And I know I made a mistake. A blunder, in fact. I am only human and I trusted myself too much.
I trusted myself not to make a mistake. I trusted myself not to waver from my principles and I failed. I failed, miserably. I was blind.
It taught me how weak I am, how fallible. It taught me man should not do what God has NOT ordained for them.
I have shed tears, I have been filled with remorse. How could I, I have asked myself numerous times.
The pieces are broken. I can’t put them back together again. It is late. But not TOO late.
I see me picking myself up and moving on. Away from the shame and sordidness of it all. I have to venture out on another path, an untrodden path but which at least my conscience solicits.
God told us to forgive our enemies. He told us to forgive ourselves, too. I am seeing a new sun in the horizon. A new future. Away from it all.
My memories make me hang my head in shame but hope beckons me with silent whispers of new glad tidings.
I am on my own now. I bid farewell to my past. I move onto a brand new future. I take a step at a time.

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