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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Pitter patter, the rain drops fall
Thunder claps and lightning flash
Swaying trees dancing to monsoon’s breeze

Grey skies overcast with laden clouds
Swelling river roaring its rage
Puddles forming on little tread ground
Rivulets racing the stony path

Jaded green revived
By falling dew from above
Smell of damp earth
Rising like a forgotten memory

And me alone on my balcony
Cocooned in solitude and calm
Surely moments like this do no harm!

A cup of aromatic tea
And a copy of “Gitanjali”
To keep me company!

Norah Jones’ honeyed vocals
Mingling with a playful child’s shrieks
A silent spectator
Of heaven’s open flood gates

Tracing an intricate song
Of water and wind
Of seasons and cycles
Oh, for the pure joy of living!